What matters for us

We keep to simple values – and these are held with conviction throughout the whole company: deadlines are met, quality is excellent, our ideas and innovations are a pleasant surprise and we remain on task with passion and pleasure.

That applies to staff in production and administration as much as to shareholders and management, who are directly involved in all important projects. In the end, the right decisions can only be made if you really know what you are doing. It is therefore a company principle that management is actively involved in both customer contact and in the production process. And what is described in other companies as “Lean Management”, for us is simply tradition.

Communication lines are short, doors are always open, personal commitment is expressly desired and promoted. Nothing special at all, but nevertheless not always regarded as a matter of course.

Customer orientation is for us far more than a slogan – for us it is the basis of our business success. With the order of magnitude of investments and resilience of product use, we do not make decisions for the short term, nor are products chosen “off the peg”. The decision process needs time and the requirement profile is complex – we often consider individual solutions which we gladly develop in partnership with our distribution partners. 

That is to say: first we listen and then we begin to search for tailor-made solutions. We are helped in this both by our many years of experience and by our commitment to institutions which test our innovations by putting them through their paces under the difficulties of everyday practice.

Responsibility as a matter of principle

Any kind of productivity and consumption affects the environment of course – unfortunately this cannot be avoided in the cycle of business. However, the effects can be limited and minimised if we behave responsibly with regard to environment and resources.

The damaging effects of climate change and global warming must lead to a rethink both in our private lives and in industry.

Sensible dealings with nature and the environment have been set as a company target and pursued and actively implemented by all areas of the company – both in sales and in logistics and administration.

In little things as well as in big ones.

The code of conduct of the Stiegelmeyer-Group

Our company culture and policy are based on ethical, moral values, the observance of applicable law and our internal company values. It forms the basis of our everyday professional behaviour and is effective both internally and externally.

Both our responsibility to our customers and business partners and our responsibility to our staff are anchored in our company policy.

Our company values are an expression of this responsibility. “Stiegelmeyer quality” means reliability, excellent service and the efforts of everyone to become better and better and always go the extra mile.

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