Innovative clinic beds

Puro – more than just a bed

The new Puro hospital bed is more than just a “patient's bed”. Today, hospital beds have to offer additional benefits: innovative technology combined with useful services. The Puro concept provides solutions to current problems and tasks in day-to-day care situations.

Evario – the smart hospital bed for all environments

The Evario is suitable not only for day-to-day patient care, but also for intensive care and for promoting a speedy recovery. It is the ideal hospital bed for providing efficient care and comfortable conditions for patients and medical staff.

Vertica clinic – the mobilisation bed

The Vertica enables the patient to be moved safely and gently into an upright sitting position – with significantly reduced effort for staff. Electronically controlled, and following exactly the path of natural human movement.

Sicuro pesa – the tiltable intensive care bed

The Sicuro pesa is a valuable aid in intensive care. Numerous important functions make the job of medical staff much easier and save the patient from unnecessary pain.

Deka – the variable platform

Outstanding material quality, well thought out functionality and diverse optional features promise a long service life as well as many areas of use.

Vida – form follows function

In the development of the Vida, attention was given from the very beginning to creating as much flexibility as possible for the changing needs in everyday hospital life.

Maximo – the adorable children’s bed

Staying in hospital can be unpleasant, particularly for younger patients, and time tends to pass slowly in unfamiliar surroundings. Our Maximo enriches the atmosphere and helps speed up recovery.

Junior – The paediatric cot for special requirements

The Junior paediatric cot is distinguished by its exceptionally safe and dependable functions. Its practical features greatly facilitate the daily care routines performed by nursing staff.

Idaro – the secure infant trolley

The Idaro infant trolley contributes to the well-being and comfort of mother and child using modern technology that is tailored to their special requirements. Care staff also benefit from the practical product and accessory details.

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