Vertica clinic – the mobilisation bed

One factor is particularly important for successful recovery: The patient must sit and stand up again as early as possible. Bed rest can sap the body’s strength. For every day that a patient spends in bed, it takes 3 days of exercise and training to regain the former energy level. The Vertica clinic from Stiegelmeyer is a mobilisation bed that provides ideal support for patients and nursing staff. Being bedridden often goes hand in hand with a fear of falls and painful movements.

The Vertica clinic dispels these worries by imitating the natural flowing movements of the body and bringing patients gradually into an upright sitting position. This boosts confidence and encourages the patient to stand up and venture the first few steps. It also makes it much easier for patients to transfer from the bed to a transport chair or wheelchair.

The advantages

The Vertica clinic allows the patient to take part in normal life again – without pain or excessive effort.

The key points at a glance

  • Brings the patient to a safe sitting position with floor contact
  • Optimal ergonomic design following the natural movement path
  • High level of safety thanks to sophisticated support mechanisms
  • The strenuous effort otherwise required to leave the bed via the side of the mattress is no longer necessary
  • No resource-intensive transfers to special chairs

Product configurator

      • Silver Grey
      • Storm
      • Snow White
      • Gold
      • Azur
      • Baltic Sea
      • Ottawa Maple
      • Eternal Cherry
      • Global Beech
      • Noce Praline
      • Noce Lyon
      • Valley Oak
      • Argentum
      • Crystal white

Attention to detail

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