Evacuation cover – ready for emergencies

During emergency evacuation procedures there is no time to waste. In care homes, in particular, this can present a real problem, since a large number of residents may be bedridden and immobile. Our evacuation mattresses have significant advantages compared to traditional evacuation sheets.

They are always connected to the mattress, which is particularly practical and saves time. Generously sized strap handles at all sides of the mattress provide the necessary flexibility if the mattress needs to be carried. This ensures that the person in need of rescue can be carried safely out of the danger area in an evacuation situation.

The advantages

Where mattresses are concerned, comfort is always the top priority. If they are fitted with a few useful details, they can even become useful aids in an emergency situation.

The key points at a glance

  • Already fitted to the mattress, which saves time
  • The robust, low friction surface of the evacuation cover allows the mattress be pulled easily across the floor
  • Large strap handles provide flexible handholds during transport
  • Two straps for securing the patient
  • The straps bend the mattress into a protective U-shape.

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